Executive Members

Michelle Tan
Chief Executive Officer, Computer Science Co-Lead

Course 6-3

Jose Martinez
Chief Operating Officer, Mechanical Engineering Co-Lead

Course 2

Tats Daniel
Chief Financial Officer

Courses 8, 18

Shirley Cao
Chief Marketing Officer

Course 2

Kevin Pho
Website Administrator

Course 6-2

Eyob Woldeghebriel
Computer Science Co-Lead

Course 6-3

Cody Moose
Mechanical Engineering Co-Lead

Course 2

Joshua Piel
Electrical Engineering Co-Lead

Course 6-2

Yaseen Alkhafaji
Electrical Engineering Co-Lead

Course 6-2

Faculty Advisors

Russ Tedrake
Faculty Advisor


Rita Ainane
Technical Sub-team Lead

As a mechanical engineer, Rita loves the design and construction side of engineering. Yet, joining the MIT Robotics Team, she decided to branch out into electronics since it was a field she was itching to explore. Hailing from Maryland, Rita has also lived abroad in Dubai, UAE and Morocco. Outside of the team, Rita spends most of her free time working on her racecar, playing guitar, and horseback riding. This past summer, Rita worked as a car mechanic at Elite Automotive of Potomac where she built a drift car and a 1967 Shelby Cobra kit car. Prior to MIT, she interned in the propulsion subsystems branch at NASA Goddard where she developed an internal branch wiki and sported her very own clean room bunny suit while testing tanks for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission satellite.

Joey Muller
PR Manager

Selena Feng
Chief Operating Officer

Mechanical Engineering Team

  • Jose Martinez
  • Cody Moose
  • Shan Shan Huang
  • Salma Islam
  • Shirley Cao
  • Theo St. Francis
  • Hailey Oh
  • Meghana Vemulapalli

Electrical Engineering Team

  • Joshua Piel
  • Yaseen Alkhafaji
  • Alisha Fong
  • Mario Leyva
  • Sharon Lin
  • Jonathan Samayoa

Software Engineering Team

  • Eyob Woldeghebriel
  • Michelle Tan
  • Laura Dodds
  • Weitung Chen
  • McCoy Patino
  • Ife Ademulo-Odeneye
  • Maanasa Kotha
  • Rowan Cheung
  • Tanya Smith
  • Kathleen Esfehany
  • Tony Ward
  • Natalia Suarez
  • Kevin Pho
  • Anika Kamath
  • Ria Sonecha
  • Giannis Chatziveroglou