Executive Members

Drew Beller

Course 2A-6

Drew has always had a passion for building things (from Rube Goldberg machines to online fantasy football draft boards). In high school he helped lead three FTC teams in Hewlett, NY and wasn't able to stay away from the Robo Team once he got to MIT! He is very excited about having a significant team lead role as a freshman. Most of the technical projects Drew has worked on have involved 3D printing, including wirelessly networking 3D printers at Matter.io using Raspberry Pis and building software for a 3D bioprinter capable of multiplexing microfluids at the Khademhosseini lab in Harvard-MIT's Department of Health Science and Technology. In high school Drew also ran his own Kickstarter campaign for 3D printed covers for the Pebble smartwatch, which is now a full ecommerce site at PebbleCovers.com.

David Mayo
Technical Project Manager

Course 6-2; MEng

Reo Baird
Software Project Manager

Courses 16, 6-2; MEng

After receiving an email about the 2014 NASA ROBO-OPS Competition through his course mailing list, Reo decided to start a team with a few of his fraternity brothers to compete in the challenge, and thus the MIT Robotics Team was born. Prior to returning to school, Reo ran an auto repair and custom fabrication shop in BC, Canada that he founded with a partner. After 5 years at the shop, he decided to pursue higher education and returned to school. Reo's experience is highly multi-disciplinary, with perhaps a slight bias towards software. His project experience includes: the construction of a Formula Drift spec competitive drift car, the complete overhaul and retrofit of a 49' motor yacht, the design and implementation of an undersea robotic camera control system for Ocean Networks Canada, and a fixed wing UAV for videography capable of both autonomous and tele-operated flight.

Nadya Balabanska
Technical Sub-team Lead

Course 6-3

Lukas Lao Beyer
Technical Sub-team Lead

Courses 6-2, 8

Mario Lopez
Technical Sub-team Lead

Course 2A-18

Michelle Tan
Technical Sub-team Lead

Course 6-3

Tats Daniel
Chief Financial Officer

Courses 8, 18

Jasmin Palmer
Technical Sub-team Lead

Course 2

Faculty Advisors

Russ Tedrake
Faculty Advisor


Rita Ainane
Technical Sub-team Lead

As a mechanical engineer, Rita loves the design and construction side of engineering. Yet, joining the MIT Robotics Team, she decided to branch out into electronics since it was a field she was itching to explore. Hailing from Maryland, Rita has also lived abroad in Dubai, UAE and Morocco. Outside of the team, Rita spends most of her free time working on her racecar, playing guitar, and horseback riding. This past summer, Rita worked as a car mechanic at Elite Automotive of Potomac where she built a drift car and a 1967 Shelby Cobra kit car. Prior to MIT, she interned in the propulsion subsystems branch at NASA Goddard where she developed an internal branch wiki and sported her very own clean room bunny suit while testing tanks for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission satellite.

Joey Muller
PR Manager

Selena Feng
Chief Operating Officer

Current Team Members

  • Alon Z Kosowsky-Sachs
  • Andrew E Beller
  • Andrew Tsang
  • Annie T Yun
  • Alexander Root
  • Ben Gulak
  • Caleb Rollins
  • Carlos Trevino
  • Charvi Gopal
  • Chun Feng (George) Chen
  • David I Mayo
  • David Owusu-Antwi
  • Dylan Sleeper
  • Elizabeth Truchan
  • Eyob W Woldeghebriel
  • Gavin Vandenberg
  • Jasmin E Palmer
  • Jose Martinez
  • Joshua Piel
  • Lukas C Lao Beyer
  • Mario Lopez
  • Marc Mitijans
  • Matthew Baldwin
  • Max Thomsen
  • Michelle Tan
  • Minsu Jung
  • Nathan Huffman
  • Nathaniel Lee
  • Ning (Alexa) Guan
  • Nadya L Balabanska
  • Renardo Baird
  • Sean Parks
  • Silvia Knappe
  • Skye Thompson
  • Smita Bhattacharjee
  • Stephen Otremba
  • Tatsuya W Daniel
  • Tatum Ogata
  • Wei Hou Wu
  • Xinhe (Midori) Zhou
  • Zoe Levitt

Past Team Members

  • Akhilan Boopathy
  • Alexander P Moreno
  • Austin T Wang
  • Christopher Madrigal
  • Cory J Lynch
  • Eden Bensaid
  • Elijah B Stanger-Jones
  • Ethan J Weber
  • GiMin Choi
  • Jeremy C Sogo
  • Jiyang Gao
  • Kara F Luo
  • Matthew C Tung
  • Nathan P Foss
  • Rita Ainane
  • Rodrigo E Tocalini
  • Vlad Seremet
  • Sandra L. Walter
  • Selena C Feng
  • Suzanne B O'Meara